How to approach composing a dissertation for finding a medical level of a doctor?

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How to approach composing a dissertation for finding a medical level of a doctor?

A dissertation for obtaining a scientific degree of a physician of sciences could be prepared both in the type of a manuscript as well as in the type of a person medical monograph. a dissertation that is doctoral be submitted for protection within one or two specialties of just one branch of technology.

Conditions for acquiring doctor’s degree

The protection of a dissertation for obtaining a systematic amount of a doctor of sciences in the shape of a posted monograph is supposed as an exception such conditions.

  • The monograph is posted without co-authors.
  • The monograph contains outcomes of clinical researches for the writer, published earlier in professional medical editions of neighborhood along with other countries.
  • The quantity for the primary content regarding the monograph is not lower than 15 accounting and publishing works in the area of humanities and social sciences and also at minimum 10 accounting and publishing works in the area of normal sciences and engineering.
  • Presence of reviews of not less than two doctors of sciences, specialists in the specialty of this dissertation, that should be suggested within the initial information associated with monograph.
  • Presence associated with the recommendation associated with the medical council of a institution that is scientific company or maybe more academic institution regarding the book of a monograph, that should be indicated with its initial data.
  • Blood circulation of for around 300 copies.
  • Existence of international registration quantity.

Complete compliance with all the requirements for the editorial design of this monograph prior to the state standards.

Presence of a monograph when you look at the funds of libraries in the time of presentation of this dissertation into the protection.

The doctoral thesis is performed by an applicant who may have significant systematic work and it is with the capacity of fruitful research in the foreseeable future. The indicator that is main of amount of the applicant may be the number and quality of their past magazines being an analysis and synthesis regarding the research stages.

Requirements for the dissertation and its particular content

The dissertation for getting the degree that is scientific a qualifying scientific work, that ought to have a description associated with the research performed by the author that fulfills one of many following requirements:

  • getting brand new scientifically substantiated leads to a certain industry of science, which collectively solve a significant systematic problem;
  • utilization of brand new scientifically grounded developments in a specific branch of technology, which provide a solution to an important applied problem.

One of the main needs for the dissertation, listed here must certanly be mentioned:

  • Relevance regarding the subject and expediency of work with the development of the appropriate industry of science or production, particularly in favor of state; connection associated with plumped for research way towards the organization’s plans, where in actuality the work was carried out, as well as with sectoral and (or) state plans and programs.
  • Correspondence associated with topic for the dissertation of this specialty upon which it is protected, the passport associated with specific academic council.
  • The dissertation should include an answer to a brand new problem that is scientific problem that is not examined before or studied at other times, under other conditions. In cases like this, as a result of critical analysis and contrast with known approaches to the situation (scientific problem), the huge difference in the choice of research instructions is justified.
  • Clear formation regarding the goals and goals of the research. Conclusions and guidelines regarding the dissertation should really be along with a leading concept and pertaining to the point and evidence. The foundation of this dissertation could be the clinical concept as a synthesis for the leading idea featuring its substantiation and systematic outcome. Conceptuality regarding the research is the greatest criterion for the assessment.
  • The result that is scientific match towards the after basic criteria when it comes to evaluation of this dissertation: the systematic novelty of this results obtained, the probability (reliability) associated with the research, the practical need for the results obtained.
  • It’s important to substantiate the liberty regarding the research, the personal contribution associated with applicant to the receipt of new scientifically substantiated results.
  • Accessibility to information on testing the outcome regarding the dissertation, the quantity and amount of publications regarding the main content regarding the dissertation.
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